Single Channel Fresh Meat Cutting Slicer

1.It is suitable for horizontal cutting of boneless meat such as poultry and livestock. It can cut the meat into slices horizontally. Chicken breast, beef, duck breast, beef, mutton, fish
2.The unique electric roller drives the whole machine without chain gear, and the operation is more stable.
3.The cutting thickness can be adjusted, the cutting range can reach 2-50MM, and the cutting thickness can be customized.

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Product brief introduction

Fresh meat horizontal cutting, accurate cutting thickness, smooth cutting surface; Easy to operate, cutting specifications can be adjusted; Multi-layer cutting can be realized, greatly improving the utilization rate of meat, and the weight and thickness of each layer can be controlled; The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic; Imported electrical parts are selected, the whole machine is waterproof, and can be washed with electricity.


Product parameters

Belt width160mm
Belt speed3~18m/min
Max.Cutting width130mm
Cutting thickness2~50mm
Cutting efficiency60pcs/min
Overall dimension1690*935*1360mm

Product features and applications

Meat slicer machine

1.Unique pressure control system, accurate and reasonable knife group combination, perfect conveyor belt and knife speed ratio, so that the chicken breast after cutting to ensure integrity.

2.The weight of the finished meat slices after cutting is within a controllable range, ensuring the original shape of the raw meat, cutting multiple layers can achieve equal division and equal weight cutting, the yield stability is extremely high, greatly saving labor.

Automatic meat slicer machine

3.The driving mode is the electric drum drives the belt to rotate, the whole machine has no chain and gear, the performance is more stable, the operation is more convenient, the maintenance is easier, the belt is quickly disassembled and installed, and the cleaning is no dead Angle.

4.Suitable for uniform cutting of chicken breast, beef, pork, fish and other fresh meat.

Frozen meat slicer machine

Product details introduced multi-directional display

1.Roller motor drive imported from the United States, the whole machine without chain gear, the machine runs smoothly, no noise, no maintenance, extremely stable; This structure belt ring loading and unloading, more lightweight, fast loading and dismantling, more durable belt will not run off, cleaning no dead Angle

Meat slicer machine

2.Rivet blade, stainless steel toughness is very good, will not break, extremely sharp, cutting 50 to 80 tons of raw materials to replace once

Automatic meat slicer machine

3.Motor waterproof grade IP56, full speed operation 790 times /min, can be washed with water, warranty 1 year, bad replacement machine

Frozen meat slicer machine

4.The Siemens inverter can adjust the knife and conveyor belt speed, and has a self-protection system, when the current and voltage are abnormal, the machine automatically stops and displays the fault code to avoid burning electrical parts and motors.

Meat slicer machine

5.Fine workmanship tool holder combination, laser marking engraving, rigorous and perfect combination, so that the blade will not friction with the tool holder at high speed, more stable and durable.

Automatic meat slicer machine

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