Henco Machinery Fully Resumes Operations Following the Chinese New Year Break

Henco Machinery has resumed full operations following the Chinese New Year break, with its entire team returning to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Known for its precision engineering and quality machinery, the company is gearing up for a busy year ahead. Following the festive Spring Festival, which marked family reunions and new beginnings, Henco Machinery's commitment to excellence remains unchanged. The team is eager to continue delivering high-quality products and services to its clients, emphasizing innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a dedicated and talented workforce, Henco Machinery looks forward to achieving even greater success in the coming months and years.

Henco Machinery's 2024 Pre-Holiday Prize Draw: Everyone Gets a Delightful Surprise 2024.2.6-2024.2.16: Henco Machinery's Annual Holiday Schedule

Henco Machinery, a leading manufacturer of precision machinery, recently hosted its annual pre-holiday prize draw. The event aimed to recognize the hard work and dedication of employees, who were treated to a range of prizes including culinary delights. The upcoming holiday period from February 6 to February 16, 2024, will provide an opportunity for the team to rest and recharge. Henco Machinery is committed to employee welfare and strives to create an environment that fosters growth and creativity. With a motivated and satisfied workforce, the company is well on its way to continued success in the coming year.

Henco Machinery Showcases Innovations in Food Processing at 2024 Exhibition in Czech Republic

Henco Machinery recently showcased its latest innovations at the 2024 Exhibition in the Czech Republic. The company's cutting-edge screw combination design was a highlight, increasing production efficiency and product quality. Henco also displayed a comprehensive line of machines designed for streamlined food processing workflows. Sustainability is a key focus for Henco, with energy-efficient machines and minimal waste production. The company invites visitors to experience our technology and discuss their food processing needs.

The development prospect of fresh meat slicer

With people's pursuit of healthy eating and concern for food safety, fresh meat slicer has become one of the necessary equipment in restaurants, central kitchens, food processing plants and other places. In the future, the development prospects of fresh meat slicer will be greater and greater.

HENCO MACHINERY Fresh meat slicer machine shines in Dubai exhibition

​At the exhibition, we prepared and brought an advanced Fresh meat slicer machine. Happily, three customers have shown a strong interest in our machines, and they want to buy our products directly.

The customer showed great interest in the fresh meat cutting machine!

Our fresh meat cutters were a great success at the recent show, an achievement that not only highlights the outstanding quality of our products, but also reflects our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. At the exhibition, our fresh meat cutting machine attracted many visitors.

Advantages of our Fresh Meat Slicer

​Advantages of our Fresh Meat Slicer: ◎ Horizontal cutting, accurate cutting thickness, the cutting surface is smooth. ◎ One-time multi-layered slice, the thinnest 2.5mm, adjustable thickness. ◎ It can realize butterfly-shaped and heart-shaped product cutting.

Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition grand opening, our company to bring you quality fresh meat slicer experience

our company is pleased to announce our participation in the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition in Dubai warmly welcome to our booth, booth number K9-41, Hall 9. Time of participation 7-9th Nov. At the show, we will bring our Fresh Meat Slicer to participate.

【 Fresh meat strip cutter helps food processing plants 】 Improve production efficiency and quality

Recently, an efficient fresh meat slicer has attracted wide attention in food processing plants. The advent of this innovative device has brought great changes to the food processing industry, improving production efficiency and product quality.

The most beautiful Henco person - a quality inspector who pursues work honor

November 2022 is a key month for the company's conveyor elevator products to move towards mass production and market. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the market share of prefabricated vegetables has increased, and many customers have put forward the demand for the use of inclined lifting conveyor due to the need for product transformation or expansion of production scale. After this product has been put into small batch production through research and development,

Let's meet at the Gulfood Manufacturing Fair

2023 Dubai Food Ingredients and Food Processing Exhibition (Gulfood Manufacturing), exhibition time: November 07 - November 09, 2023, exhibition location: Uae - Dubai -Sheikh Zayed Rd-Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Dubai World Trade Centre, Organizer: Dubai World Trade Centre Company, United Arab Emirates, held cycle: Once a year, the exhibition area: 52,000 square meters, exhibition visitors: 31,000 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 1450.

Automatic fresh meat cutting machine application

In today's society, with the rapid development of food processing industry, meat products have become an essential part of People's Daily life. There are many kinds of meat products, the most common of which is chicken products. In order to produce higher quality chicken products, meat processing companies have adopted a variety of modern equipment, one of which is Henco Automatic Fresh Meat Strip Cutting Machine, also Automatic cutting machine.

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