Automatic Fresh Meat Strip Cutting Machine

It is suitable for horizontal cutting of boneless meat such as poultry and livestock. The meat can be cut vertically into strips or slices. Chicken breast, beef, duck breast, beef, mutton, fish. Combined into a production line to achieve the dicing of fresh meat.
Longitudinal cutting, conveyor belt over the knife mode, unique over the knife press claw fixed meat device, to ensure that the meat through the knife group smooth through, to ensure the meat strips, meat cubes square degree, uniform cutting, less waste.

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Product brief introduction

Longitudinal cutting of meat, accurate cutting width, smooth cutting surface; Double channel operation, convenient, easy to operate, cutting specifications can be adjusted;Unique over the knife press claw fixed meat device, greatly improve the utilization rate of meat, and each weight width is controllable; The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic; Imported electrical parts are selected, the whole machine is waterproof, and can be washed with electricity.

Product parameters

Belt width600mm
Cutting width500mm

Input heigh

950 ± 50mm
Output height950 ± 50mm
Cutting thickness5-70mm



Product features and applications

Automatic cutting machine

1.Cutting width (meat strips, diced meat) size can be achieved by changing the knife set, to complete a variety of specifications of product cutting.

2.Conveyor belt and cutter speed double frequency control, respectively can adjust the speed.

Meat strip cutting machine

3.Can be connected with the slitting machine into a production line, the production of standard size meat strips, meat products.

4.Suitable for uniform cutting of chicken breast, beef, pork, fish and other fresh meat.

Fresh meat cutting machine

Product details introduced multi-directional display

1.The special knife press claw fixed meat device, to ensure the meat through the knife group smoothly through, to ensure the square degree of meat strips, meat cubes, uniform cutting, less waste.

Automatic cutting machine

2.191mm diameter blade imported, SUS420J2 stainless steel, 1mm thick, with the function of broken ribs.

Meat strip cutting machine

3.Chain plate belt conveyor, made of food grade POM material, easy to clean, durable.

Fresh meat cutting machine

4.The Siemens inverter can adjust the knife and conveyor belt speed, and has a self-protection system, when the current and voltage are abnormal, the machine automatically stops and displays the fault code to avoid burning electrical parts and motors.

Automatic cutting machine

5.The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and food grade non-metallic materials, in line with HACCP requirements.


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