Automatic Intelligent Meat Flattening Machine

The pressing machine is to roll the fresh or frozen raw meat through 6 pressure rollers to the specified thickness of the product, increase the surface area of the product, in order to achieve the same ripening time, and shorten the frying time.

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Product Introduction

The equipment is a special equipment for the production of steak, meat chop and fish chop on the market. The equipment is suitable for all poultry meat, beef, pork, fish, potato, cheese and so on with thickness less than 30mm.

Product parameters

Model numberHKYZJ600
Net band width600mm
Net belt speed3-15m/min
Thickness of product3-30mm
Rated power rating1.5kw
External dimensions2170*870*1250mm

Product features and applications

Meat flattening machine

1. Roll the product to the specified thickness through 6 pressure rollers;

Intelligent flattening machine

2. Washboard belt is adopted to prevent the product from slipping;

Automatic flattening machine

3. Can be connected with tenderizer, so as to achieve continuous production;

4. Suitable for rolling of poultry, beef, pork, fish, potato, cheese and other products.

Meat flattening machine

Product details and multi-directional display

1. Quick loading design, easy to clean;

Intelligent flattening machine

2. Water spraying device to prevent the product from adhering to the conveyor belt;

3. Adopt SIEMENS electrical parts, with safety protection devices, in line with CE standards;

Automatic flattening machine

4. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, reasonable structure, reliable performance.

Meat flattening machine

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