Automatic Breading Machine

The machine is the bread crumbs from the hopper and the bread crumbs in the bed are evenly coated on the seafood products such as chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp.
Excellent circulation system, greatly reduce the damage of bread crumbs; It is not only suitable for debris, but also suitable for coarse debris.

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Product brief introduction

The product is evenly coated with breadcrumbs or snowflakes that flow down the hopper and covered by the mesh.

The unique circulation system reduces the breakage of bread bran or snowflake bran.

Product parameter

Belt speed3~18m/min 
Input height870~970mm
Output height1000±50mm
Belt width600mm

Product features and applications

Breading machine

1.The amount of bread bran or snowflake bran can be adjusted to achieve different requirements of coating; 

2.Powerful fan and vibrator to remove excess powder; Easy to operate and adjust;

Automatic food machine

3.It can be used with forming machine, sizing machine, frying machine, etc., so as to achieve continuous production;

Automatic breading machine

4.Suitable for uniform coating of chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp and other products.

Breading machine

Product details introduced multi-directional display

1.The open and close screw makes the cleaning process easier.

Automatic food machine

2.Special mesh belt powder technology, uniform and reliable.

Automatic breading machine

3.The integrated operation panel can adjust a variety of parameters to cope with a variety of product production environments, and has an observation window to check product status in real time.

Breading machine

4.The Siemens inverter can adjust the conveyor belt speed and has a self-protection system,when the current and voltage are abnormal, the machine automatically stops and displays the fault code to avoid burning out electrical parts and motors

Automatic food machine

5.All oil-free bearings imported from Germany are used.

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