The pot wrapped meat market ushered in an outbreak period and became a group of dark horses in the prepared dish industry

2023-11-24 15:51

This golden brown, crunchy treat! Originated in the northeast, but popular in Jilin, after a hundred years of inheritance and evolution, in the Jilin food industry has a long history, pot bao meat is not only a kind of food, but also represents a strong hometown flavor!

Pot bag meat, formerly known as "pot fried meat", from the Qing Guangxu years, Harbin Daotai House Yin Du Xueying special chef - Zheng Xingwen. Due to the use of quick fire, the iron pot hot, the juice into the pot, soaked into the meat, so called "pot fried meat", Russians explode this accent for the package, over time, "pot fried meat" has become "pot meat"!

Double-channel slicer

In restaurants in the Northeast, wok-wrapped meat is everywhere, and you can even see wok-wrapped meat in restaurants and barbecue shops. A plate of caraway onion, carrots, ginger slices of burnt meat, placed in the crystal clear soup, a bite down, sour, sweet, burnt. Fragrant, crisp, soft, with the taste of meat together in the mouth, that is called a satisfaction. The plate will be empty before you can savor it. It holds the taste of how many people's childhood! My heart is tied to the love of how many faraway wanderers homesick!

The market size of the prepared dish industry in 2023 is estimated to exceed 500 billion, but many prepared dish enterprises did not enjoy the dividend, but because of the price, output, and scale. Wok-wrapped meat products are becoming a popular element, especially one of the snacks favored by young people. The market has huge potential and can become a new growth point. Prefabricated food transformation enterprises or new start-ups can enter this track, demand determines market capacity, avoid competition, corner overtaking to achieve fission, has become a must for many prefabricated food enterprises. If your business is struggling and sales are in serious decline, take a look at this new project. There's still a lot to win now.

Automatic cutting machine

Pot package meat supporting equipment is related to quality, how to choose it?

1. Choose factories with high market visibility and retention. Since the output is large, it is necessary to choose products with high efficiency and high output rate to design, do not struggle with price, and good products will not be reduced when, unless there are new products or substitutes listed.

2, it is recommended to choose a double-channel slicer, so as to complete a complete set of slicing and cutting combination. Of course, if the output is not large, you can also choose a single channel, but the later increment will be very troublesome, and can not be two products at the same time. The pay channel saves money on the surface, but the later upgrade is more troublesome, and the double channel not only has a huge output, but also the cutting quality is very high.

Fresh meat cutting machine

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