Liang Zhilong 2023 International Food processing and packaging machinery exhibition

Liangzhilong ·2023 The 11th Prefabricated Vegetable Processing and Packaging Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened in Wuhan Cultural Expo Center from March 28 to March 31, 2023. This exhibition focuses on the development boom of prepared dishes in 2023, shares the new machine for the development of prepared dishes industry, discusses how cold chain technology can empower prepared dishes, analyzes the development status quo and future trend of prepared dishes equipment and central kitchen, so that prepared dishes enterprises can better seize industrial dividends, offer suggestions and reduce costs and increase efficiency for the high-quality development of prepared dishes industry. We are proud to showcase our cutting-edge food processing and packaging machines, including food cutters, food coaters, food formers and food dusting machines.

1. Food cutting machine:

Discover our state-of-the-art food cutting machines designed to meet the diverse needs of the food processing industry. Our machines provide precise cutting and slicing functions, ensuring consistent and even product shape and size. With advanced features and customizable options, our cutters streamline vegetable processing workflows and increase efficiency and productivity.

2. Food coating machine:

Live experience our innovative food coater, specially designed for precise and fine coating of meat, aquatic products, vegetables and more. Our machines provide a perfect coating process, making the coating consistent and uniform for applications such as batter or breadcrumbs. With adjustable Settings and intuitive controls, our coaters deliver outstanding results while minimizing waste.

3. Food molding machine:

Witness the versatility of our food molding machines. Our machines offer a range of options to create a wide variety of product shapes, from pies and chicken nuggets to custom designs. Our molding machines are designed to be easy to use and efficient, ensuring consistent and even product quality and enhancing the attractiveness and marketability of your vegetable products.

4. Food duster:

Explore our advanced food dusting machines that simplify the process of adding coatings and powders to products. Our machines can precisely and evenly distribute ingredients such as bread crumbs or flour, ensuring an even and attractive finish. Above the conveyor belt can be connected with the sizing machine to form a production line.

At the Liangzhilong 2023 exhibition in Wuhan, we are dedicated to showcasing the latest advances in food processing and packaging equipment. Visit our booth to witness the cutting-edge technology, superior quality and superior performance of our food cutting machines, food coating machines, food molding machines and food powder machines.


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